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What would the world look like today if the Aztecs had never fallen?

The winner of Booklogix's 2017 Young Writers Contest, "The History Makers" tells the story of vast conspiracy, bloodthirsty rituals, and history re-imagined.
Now a Silver Benjamin Franklin Award winner!

About the Book

By the time Spanish explorers reached the Americas, the Aztec Empire was one of the greatest in the world. The ancient priests would slaughter human sacrifices, sometimes by the thousands, all under the claim that their gods needed blood to make the sun rise every day. What would have happened had this empire prevailed over the Spanish and survived to this day? How would its bloodthirsty theocracy fit in with our world?


Myla is an upper-class teenager in modern-day Azteca, partying her days away with her friends and the man who has claimed her as his wife. One her seventeenth birthday, she is finally “enlightened” and told the truth: that the Priesthood is lying to everyone. Then, in an intriguing twist of fate, she finds herself in the hands of Aztec’s rebels and their leader, Tezca.


Myla must now sort through all the lies she has been told her whole life and confront old secrets buried deep. Can she trust these people? Are they terrorists or revolutionaries? And will she join them to dismantle the theocracy and its lies, or will the price she would pay be too high?


“Like anyone else, she had harbored some doubts through her life, wondering what was out there. But it seemed ludicrous to test the priests’ words; there was too much at stake. For centuries, they had been sacrificing each night, and for centuries, their society had thrived, existed for one more day.”

The story

Behind the story

"The History Makers" started as a homework assignment in author Val Bodurtha's high school history class.

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